Our guide to selling your home
Selling your home the "Turley Property Advisors" way
Thank You

Firstly, thank you for considering us to sell your home. We really appreciate your business and should you trust in us to help you with the sale of your property, we will do everything we possibly can to make the whole process a smooth, relaxed and successful one.

Positivity / Belief

It is crucial that you remain confident and truly believe that we will get you the most successful outcome that we can – because we will! Our reputation speaks for itself.

Stress Factor

Stress is normal, but not inevitable. Try to remain as calm and relaxed as possible. Every property sells if it is priced correctly and presented well. There is a buyer for everything, so please be patient.


Selling a home can be stressful on children in particular, and a huge upheaval to them. Try to explain to them what is going on. It is probably best not to tell them that their home is sold until contracts are signed, as some house sales unfortunately fall through due to no fault of the vendor or the auctioneer. The less disruption to the children, the better.


It is now a legal requirement for all properties that are advertised "For Sale" and "To Let" have a BER cert done. Legally, we cannot advertise your property without a BER Cert. Please contact out office if you need a list of companies that can carry this out for you.


We legally cannot advertise your home without the PSRA Agreement signed, along with a copy of a utility bill and photo identification.

House on Land

It is best practice in Turley Property Advisors that all house advertised for sale on land will need to have a certificate of compliance showing the property conforms to planning permission, boundaries are in the correct place, title is correct, septic tanks, puraflow systems and private wells etc. are all compliant. Your sale will fall through if this documentation is not in place and correct.


The most important decision you will make the advertised starting price for your property, it is critically important. If your home is not priced right, you will never sell it. If your home is not generating viewing activity within a short space of time, we may need to price adjust it and re-market your home to generate buyer activity. Buyers now have access to the “Property Price Register” and they know exactly what types of offers they need to be placing on properties. Buyers will not over spend on a property now. The banks have tighter controls and they will not let a sale go over the line, if they think it is over market value. You must be realistic with pricing your home if you are serious about selling in this market.

House Doctor

We never get a second chance to make a first impression! It is critical that you present your home in the best way possible. Please remember to always have your home and gardens presented immaculately for all viewings. It is important to focus on your target market, for example, if you are targeting young families, turn the study into a playroom or extra bedroom! De-clutter and de-personalise, where possible. Let the potential purchaser imagine living in the space.

We will be competing against other properties for sale in the area and we are hugely competitive and we want your home to get the best offers. We are in the middle of a price war and a beauty contest! The best priced and presented homes get the best offers.


Turley Property Advisors will arrange for professional photographers to accompany our agent or use one of our sales agents who are trained to take professional photographs, produce floor plans (where required) and write comprehensive property descriptions, this can be dealt with in just one visit. We will also advise on the best ways to present and market your property to maximise the price. We will produce a tailor made, quality brochure for your property. We will advertise on turley.ie; myhome.ie; daft.ie; property.ie and where necessary can promote your property in the national newspapers. Our distinctive Turley FOR SALE sign board have been designed in a number of styles and sizes to suit your property.

Before Viewings

We will call you the day before all viewings to confirm appointments. It is important to facilitate us as best you can, as we don’t want potential purchasers calling one of our competitors to see a similar type home because they couldn’t view yours! Our experience is that potential purchasers are more relaxed when the owners are not in the house and we feel therefore that it is important that you leave completely 15 minutes prior to the showing.

During Viewings

It is our policy to always accompany potential purchasers around you house – this allows us to best sell the features of your home.

After Viewings

After viewings, we ensure all doors are locked, gas fires & lights are switched off, and the alarm is set. We are very security conscious, so please don’t worry. We will always call you back after every viewing that day. If potential purchasers don’t put in an offer, don’t let this bother you. There are numerous reasons why some people don’t buy a home. This doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your home, so don’t take it personally!


This is one aspect of the job that frustrates us, and which we have absolutely no control over. There can be occasions when people cancel at the very last moment, and some don’t have the common courtesy to call at all! This really frustrates us, but luckily it happens infrequently. If it does happen, please remember, it is not our fault and we are as annoyed as you!

Lots of Viewings

Having a lot of activity on your home is very positive. However, if you are having lots of viewings and no offers, we may need to review whether the price is too high, or there may be something else discouraging a potential purchaser from placing an offer. We will monitor the activity for you and keep you informed on what the next best thing to do.

No Viewings

If we don’t have viewings, you will never sell your home. Sometimes this can be because of the time of year, for example school holidays, Bank Holidays, Christmas etc. Often, however, it is because of the price. We will always keep you appraised of the market movements on price, and would urge you to let us guide you in your decisions.


The vast majority of properties for sale can take weeks and even months to sell. It can take time to get the right buyer to your home. Selling a property is rather like putting a jigsaw puzzle together – each piece must fit perfectly in place. Please be patient, give us time, and it will be worth it in the end.

Pressure from Family & Friends

It is common when selling your home to get comments from neighbours, family or friends. Please do your best to ignore the comments and focus on the sale and us, the experts.

People knocking on your door

Sometimes people will take it upon themselves to approach you directly, rather than calling the auctioneer in an attempt to get the property for less than it is worth. They may not have the relevant financial backing, so you should refer them to us and we can speak to them on your behalf.


Sometimes the first offer you get is the offer you need to take, depending on the amount of the offer. Other times, it is important to hold out for more. Please let us guide you with our expertise, although we will at no time force you to take an offer. The decision to accept or reject an office is entirely yours. Only when you agree an offer will your property go sale agreed.

Sale Agreed

Once your home goes sale agreed, this does not mean your home is sold. We will organise a booking deposit, which is fully refundable until contracts are signed. We will also send out four letters, one to you, the vendor, one to your solicitor, one to your purchaser and one to their solicitor. Please note, however, that your home is not sold until contracts are signed by both parties, and a non-refundable deposit is put down. Please note that once your property is sale agreed, there may be delays e.g. delays with the purchaser signing contracts, outstanding queries with contracts, delays with loan offer issue, delays with life assurance etc. The vendor and the auctioneer have no control over issues like these.

If a sale falls through

Unfortunately this can happen in rare occasions, for numerous reasons – the lending institution failing to grant mortgage approval; loss of job, or illness. Sometimes, a similar property comes to the market which suits their needs better and sometimes, the purchaser just has a change of heart. If your sale does fall through, we will re-advertise your property and go again. If we sold it once, we can sell it again.

Hands of the solicitor

When your home has gone sale agreed and we have received the booking deposit and issued the four letter as above, we have in effect completed our side of the transaction. From here on, the responsibility lies with your solicitor. Of course, we will always assist you further should you need us to make a few calls, but it is the solicitor who has the relevant paperwork and power from here on in.

Contract signing / Packing

It is best not to pack your belongings until contract are signed by both parties, just in case the deal falls through. Check at all times with your solicitor.

Closing Dates

Closing dates can be the proverbial nightmare, especially when the sale involves more than one transaction. Inevitably once the closing date has been set, if rarely suits both or all parties concerned. It is best to try and keep an open mind on this, and be as flexible as possible. It is worth noting that even when a solicitor sets a closing date, it can change within 24 hours depending on a number of factors outside their control.

Leave your property immaculate for the new buyer

This is very important. Please leave your property spotless for your new buyer and please ensure you remove all rubbish. If you think of it, please leave a “Welcome To Your New Home” card and a small box of chocolates. It is a lovely gesture and your new buyer will really appreciate it.

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